A 4X4 of legendary crossing...

In many country, Land Rover is not only a means of transport more or less practical, able to go all over the most testing places in the most remote corners of the world. For our blasť Mediterranean mentality, it is something difficult to get. Let us recall : This legendary machine allowed to transport in many countries of the world the supplies of the army, the drugs of the humanitarian organizations, the measuring instruments of scientists, the tool of the journalists, the briefcase stuffed of documents of the most skilful businessmen.

Today, in spite of the last technological developments, it is tireless and still go all over these same places for quite the same reasons. Symbol of the development of a country and peace, conqueror of places where it is impossible to build and maintain roads, you can always count on him to work hard without complaining too much.

Light and skilful in crossing, equipped with the stoutness of the van, the robustivity of a small truck and the motricity of a tractor, quickly he became the inseparable companion of most ambicious men who rest only when their project is completely achieves.

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